About the system

Understanding protein interactions in domain level provides valuable information about binding mechanisms and functional roles of interacting proteins. The straightforward source of domain-domain interaction (DDI) is 3D structure of protein complex but the available number of 3D structures is limited. The other attractive choice is to use DDI prediction methods or their predicted datasets because plenty of such resources are available currently. Here we developed an integrated domain-domain interaction analysis system (IDDI) that combines 23 DDI datasets. IDDI provides 204715 unique DDIs with different reliability scores measured by our novel scoring scheme. We determined the reliability of predicted DDIs by considering the confidence score of the prediction method, the independence score of the predicted datasets and the prediction score of the DDI measured by different prediction methods. In comparison with other integrated DDI databases, the amount of reliable DDIs is significantly increased. In addition, IDDI provides the interface for interaction analysis that enables to explore domain information in protein interaction network, or protein information mediated by DDIs.